Hair Colouring

Itallian Color - Exclusive 1+1.5 color system with low content of ammonia and dyes of high-technology resistant to light and washings, ensures high-quality to product. Composed of 74 color that can be mixed with each other, allows the creation of endless nuances, making professional hair stylist’s creation unique. In addition to provide 100% of white-hair coverage.

Coloratto - Ammonia free formula -  the new Itallian Color Coloratto uses the unique K-Tyon R blend, created from grape seed oil and seaweed extracts, which have antioxidant and remineralizing functions, providing hydration and, especially, protection of the hair fibers, bringing to the hair a rereading of an impressionist art, in which the obtained color presents a real and natural reflection of the moment. this is art! that is being authentic! 30 nuances available.



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