About Us

Roca Trading Import & Export Ltd is one of the most prestigious companies in the import and export field growing in the UK specialized in professional cosmetics from Brazil.

As a company we have advanced, reached and expanded horizons in the business market in the UK: 

  • Trust of our customers
  • Quality products at affordable prices
  • Customer Loyalty programs
  • Pre and post sales executive manager.

Since 2011 in the market, we have a high standard of service delivery, efficiently delivering our services and developing satisfactory solutions, exploring new markets, new alternatives.

Our suppliers are determined to achieve excellence at every stage of the production process, through the selection of the best quality components and use of high-technology in product development. That’s what differentiates “Roca Trading” from the other companies.


Provide high-quality products following modern standards to positively impact people's lives whilst providing a great service to our customers.