Need To Order Quality Hair Salon Furniture?

Roca Trading Import & Export Ltd not only has a great choice of hair products but the finest quality furniture for your salon.

Roca Trading appreciate that you need the furniture in your hair salon to be both stylish and practical.

We have everything from reclining chairs for washing hair, trolleys for transporting products and nail polish organisers to manicure stools, washing trays and much more.

Our affordable furniture will look great, enable you to work efficiently and enhance the performance of your hair salon.

Although many of our chairs are currently sold out, we will soon be restocking so keep a look on our website.

If you’re looking for the most modern innovative and comfortable manicure stool, we have many great options to choose from.

Among our range is this Bari Manicure Stool which is multifunctional and removable, with an easy-to-use height adjustment system. It is available in many attractive colours including pink and purple. Made of injected polymer of high resistance, it can provide excellent lightness and robustness.

If you’re looking to buy hair salon furniture, why not find out more about Roca Trading Import & Export Ltd today? Or get in touch with our team for more information on any of our products. We’re always happy to offer more information.