EMMEDiciotto - 15 Extra Hydrating Mask - 250ml


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Extra-hydrating restructuring treatment for the hair well-being thanks to a rich mix of vitaminic, hydrating and shine-giving principles.

The hair appears well-hydrated, shiny, soft to the touch and healthier from the very first application. The melon fragrance contributes to psychic and physical relaxation.  

How to use: 

After shampooing, apply the required amount to the entire length of the hair. Leave on hair for at least 15 minutes with or without heat. Rinse thoroughly and continue styling.

For Intensive hydrating reconstruction: Apply Shampoo on wet hair. Repeat the application and rinse. Remove with a towel the excess of water and apply generously 15 extra hydrating mask over the hair length. Divide the hair into 15 sections. Tap 15 times every lock with a hot iron wrapped in silver paper. Leave get cool and then a rinse thoroughly.