EMMEDiciotto -Blond Bleaching Powder - Plex Protection - 500g


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Bleaching for blondes up to 9 levels.

BE9+ Blond Bleaching Powder Plex Protection Bleaching powder for blondes up to 9 levels. The protection of BE9+ is guaranteed by Plex Protection, a new technology that protects the hair and allows you to obtain intense bleaching, in complete safety. Create a perfect balance between extreme bleaching and protection. The protective function is guaranteed by a fundamental active ingredient, Cane Sugar, a precious ingredient that ensures maximum protection of the keratin structure of the hair. The BE9+ Blond Bleaching Powder Plex Protection service is ideal for all lightening techniques.


How to use: 1 measuring cup 30 g. of BE9+ powder + 60 ml of oxygen Cream Hydrogen Peroxide 20/30/40 volumes. PREPARATION: Pour the compact powder into a non-metallic container containing the dose of oxidizing emulsion and mix until a homogeneous cream is obtained. APPLICATION TIME: From 25 to 45 minutes depending on the intensity of the desired lightening. The product has a progressive bleaching power. After 45 minutes its bleaching action ends, it is advisable to check frequently.