EMMEDiciotto - Passion Fast Deco Bleach Powder - 500g


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Passion deco is a bleaching powder to bleach hair for a top quality result. The formula is softer and offers a good protection for the cutis and the hair, but has a good bleaching action.

–  no respiratory protection needed
–  easy to prepare
– no powder dispersion during the pouring off
–  concentrated formula, less space occupied

–  highly active bleaching powder
–  it does not drip during the application
–  it does not dry the hair, it preserves hydration during all the application time
–  fast bleaching action
–  good conditioning properties

The NON VOLATILE FORMULA offers a product that cannot be inhaled during the preparation and the application.
CONTAINS A.B.S.P. (Advanced Biochemical Self-Protection Complex).
Passion Fast Deco with a high whitening power, up to 7 tones.