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The chair suits the trends that value barber shop environments. Harley Premium Chair features classic design in the best retro style.

Backseat: Sophistication, easy handling and comfort, Harley Premium Chair has a height-adjustable headrest, in addition to a gas reclining system, with a backrest operated by a chrome steel side handle;

Armrest: The structure of the Harley Premium armrest is made of steel coated with high-strength polymer, it also has an upholstered finish, providing greater comfort during use;

Upholstery: Thinking of every detail, the upholstery in molded high density foam and the exclusive designs in the seams make Harley a superior chair, of great durability and comfortable, in addition to being elegant and sophisticated;

Structure: Its solid steel structure provides durability and robustness, originally Brazilian, Harley is built in our factory, where, during its production, it undergoes rigorous quality and resistance tests;

Finishing: With electrostatic powder coating with high adhesion, Harley Premium Chair offers in its finishing greater resistance to daily use, anti-corrosion protection, UV protection and thermal protection;

Footrest: Harley also has a synchronized support system (back, legs and calves) articulable, allowing greater comfort to the customer;

Base: It has a wide, chrome base with rubberized edge that provides great stability and security. Its exclusive hydraulic system ensures greater precision during height and brake adjustment;

Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg.