MIA Color Cream - EMMEdiciotto - 100 ml


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Mia Color Cream PPD-Free with Passion Fruit assures high-quality performances and surely represents the top in the range of hair dye products for professional use.

Mia color cream guarantees a perfect and complete coverage of grey hair giving it vibrant shades that become more fascinating as the time goes by. Its exclusive formulation PARAPHENYLENEDIAMINE (PPD) FREE with low ammonia concentration (1,5 – 4,5%) assures excellent levels of lift and respects the hair thanks to the substitute of the PPD, the molecule that takes part of the diaminotoluene group, a substance with its own well-defined technical and safety profile. It is a very precious product that treats the hair fibre in a much safer way. Mia color cream contains active ingredients of the highest vitaminic and cosmetic value among which the PASSION FRUIT.

The Passion Fruit is cultivated throughout Brazil, Peru and Colombia. Its seeds are cold pressed to extract a golden coloured, aromatic oil. This oil is then filtered and refined to achieve the purity of its numerous properties: SOOTHING – POLISHING – NOURISHING – HYDRATING – SILKY TOUCH NON-GREASY FOR HAIR Mia Color Cream includes the range Special with the shades that assure perfect coverage and natural nuance. Mia Special contains the Shea Butter.